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Digital Display Advertising

Banners Ad and High Impact Units Offer Broad Reach

Reaching gay consumers in an authentic LGBT environment is great way to build brand affinity. Gay Ad Network delivers ads on a curated list of award-winning websites where consumers go to find gay news, travel, entertainment and lifestyle information. All websites are audited regularly to ensure brand protection and quality control. Benefit from our direct publisher relationships with guaranteed first-party premium inventory. Dynamic optimization shifts delivery to the most productive inventory placements.

By leveraging our proprietary first-party LGBT audience profile database, advertisers can scale campaigns by targeting LGBT consumers outside of gay media. Campaigns may be delivered to gay consumers across all major ad exchanges and networks. Gay Ad Network transforms leading websites like the New York Times and MSN into gay marketing channels. Whitelists and blacklists may be created to control inventory placements, while third-party tracking tools verify delivery.

Gay Ad Network offers guaranteed views to enable marketers and agencies to pay only for ads that are measured as viewable. With guaranteed views, buyers can target the all LGBT websites, use viewability as a given outcome, and optimize campaigns to other key performance indicators. As a result, buyers typically see improvement in cost per view, unique audience reach, click through rate, and cost per click.

Delivery across LGBT and Mainstream Media

Display Advertising

Banner ads can be targeted by site list, content category or Gay Ad Network’s custom LGBT audience segments.

Standard IAB ad sizes

Ad sizes supported including 728x90, 300x250, 300x600, and 160x600.


High Impact Units provide highly impacted user experiences, including expandable banners.

Native Ads

Native ads run on mainstream publications inline with content. Facebook Newsfeed ads are also supported.

Custom Sponsorhips

For a custom program designed specifically for your business, Order Valium Online Nz.

AdChoices & Viewabilty

AdChoices Icon support is available with DoubleVerify or Integral Ad Sceience for wiewabiity tracking.