Influencer Community Roster


We are proud to introduce our diverse community of LGBTQ+ influencers. This is a partial roster. For more information about our influencers, contact our sales department. Influencers can apply to join.


Cheyenne Jackson

Cheyenne Jackson is a Grammy-nominated actor, singer and songwriter. Jackson plays an active role in a variety of charities focusing on social issues which include LGBTQ+ rights, marriage equality, animal welfare, and HIV/AIDS research.

Total Reach:618,000

Connor Gowland

Connor Gowland is a digital creator, fitness model, TikToker, musician, and LGBTQ Influencer from the northeast. He is now living in West Hollywood, CA.

Total Reach:151,000

Cristy Lawrence

Formerly known as Jewelz, Cristy Lawrence is one of the top DJ’s on the scene today. She definitely knows how to move a dance floor and always brings the heat with her headlining sets.

Total Reach:434,000

Adam Ellis

Adam Ellis is a comic artist and illustrator who lives in New York City. When he’s not drawing he’s watching documentaries about cults and dreaming about one day owning a backyard big enough to keep chickens.

Total Reach:2,543,000

Tom Zalac

Croatian-American model who lives in Los Angeles, California.

Total Reach:100,000

Igee Okafor

Igee Okafor is the Founder/Editor-In-Chief, BOND OFFICIAL, the destination for men with smart and ultramodern minds.

Total Reach:97,000

Miss Coco Peru

Miss Coco Peru is the drag persona of American actor, comedian and drag performer Clinton Leupp. For 20 years, Peru has starred in various “one-woman shows” across the US and other countries, and hosted LGBTQ+ events.

Total Reach:370,000

Dan Amboyer

Dan is an accomplished actor and director. He resides in Brooklyn, NY along with his menagerie of animals, plants, loving spouse and son, Theodore.

Total Reach:101,000

Proud Parenting

ProudParenting is the largest social media platform serving LGBTQ+ parents, intended parents, families and friends.

Total Reach:289,000

Abbie Ensign

Abbie refers to herself as “just a lesbian trying to get Tik Tok famous.”

Total Reach:373,000

Davante Wilson

Living in his own imaginary gay world, Davante entertains with his unique style and positive perspective on life.

Total Reach:2,150,000

Josey Greenwell

Josey Greenwell is an accomplished singer-songwriter as well as a prominent fitness instructor.

Total Reach:363,000

Nick Toteda

Nick is a Canadian based social media star that spends his time between the UK and Canada. With his boyfriend, he makes TikTok and YouTube videos such as pranks, challenges and much more!

Total Reach:2,900,000

Daisy Traback

Daisy and Taylor met in middle school, got married and are now the proud mothers of adorable Cruze Alan.

Total Reach:45,000

Garrett Bruno

Travel, adventure and fitness model all wrapped into one.

Total Reach:146,000

Nicholas Rissone

TikTok celebrity personal _Nickythomas loves to make people smile.

Total Reach:384,000

Kyilee Ann Elsten

A rising TikTok personality, Kyilee has a growing lesbian fanbase.

Total Reach:564,000

Claybourne Elder

Claybourne Elder is a writer, actor and DIY dad in NYC.

Total Reach:48,000

Jamie Raines

Jamie Raines became a celebrity in 2015 when he documented his transition on social media for the world to see. “Dinosaurs are cool, transphobia is not.”

Total Reach:580,000

Christian Glam Lopez

Young actor, model and glamour beauty.

Total Reach:104,000

Seth Maynard

Fitness buff and world traveler.

Total Reach:114,000

Jade Fox

Jade produces comedic content in the form of sketches and stories. Jade talks about things people experience and struggle with in everyday life, but in a funny way.

Total Reach:226,000

Devon Gibby (DadnDaddies )

Devon Gibby is the founder of DadnDaddies. He is a proud dad with two kids.

Total Reach:242,000

Gilad Ronen (Bearded_Selfie)

Fresh look at handsome bearded men.

Total Reach:245,000

Bibbi Deg

International fitness model.

Total Reach:728,000

Stephen Oscar

Stephen Oscar is a social media personality and content creator who features makeup and fashion videos.

Total Reach:224,000

Aiden Michael Mann

Aiden Michael Mann is a dog-loving veterinary assistant from Nashville, Tennessee, who happens to be transgender.

Total Reach:1,590,000

Garrett Swann

Garrett Swann is a Santa Barbara native, now New Yorker, full-time realist, gym rat, go-getter and a wannabe millennial.

Total Reach:81,000

Adam Berry

Adam Berry is a paranormal investigator, music theatre performer, actor and cabaret singer. He is currently an active member of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) team.

Total Reach:207,000

Carson Twitchell

Model and fitness teacher for Barry’s Bootcamp. You can find him working out or traveling.

Total Reach:54,000

Logan Almberg

Logan is an aspiring reality TV star with a growing group of followers on TikTok.

Total Reach:66,000

Drama Del Rosario

Drama Del Rosario is a documentary filmmaker, Hollywood producer and BAFTA grant winner.

Total Reach:52,700

Kevin Dipalma

We are husbands & we are fathers, together showing the world, “It Gets Better!”

Total Reach:278,000

Eli Kessler

Eli Kessler is a young gay influencer with two gay dads. Eli is building a large following on TikTok.

Total Reach:201,000

Brian Risberg Clausen (TwoDadsWorldwide)

Brian Risberg Clausen in the founder of TwoDadsWorldwide, a service for all two-dad families.

Total Reach:40,000

Aidan DeStefano

Transgender activist.

Total Reach:146,000

Jordan Lawrence Vega

Jordan is a husband and Doctor of Chiropractic (M.A. Sports Management / B.A. Kinesiology). His interests include wrestling and crossfit.

Total Reach:112,000

Joe Polito

Joe is film student and explorer.

Total Reach:25,000

Roberto J. Portales

Former army captain and West Point graduate, Roberto is a leading fitness guru.

Total Reach:574,000

Raegan Beast

Raegan is a talented transgender musician with a growing fan base.

Total Reach:1,541,000

Cassious Kage English

Cassious Kage English is young content creator on TikTok.

Total Reach:54,000

Mykul Jay Valentine

Mykul Jay Valentine is a model, entertainer, pageant boy, gymnast, aerialist and Pokemon master.

Total Reach:39,000

Symeon Davis

Symeon Oshea Davis is a fashion influencer hailing from Durham, NC. “Create. Capture. Captivate.”

Total Reach:28,000

Jordan & Daniel (The Hiking Husbands)

Jordan & Daniel are husbands who love the outdoors – sharing their adventures one photo at a time.

Total Reach:27,000

Nicholas Wells

Nicholas Wells is “humble, with just a hint of Kanye.”

Total Reach:85,000

Tanner Austin

Meet “your favorite gays,” Roscoe and Tanner.

Total Reach:127,000

Shane Explains

Known to be “TooShaneToFunction” and “inShanely Gay.”

Total Reach:33,000

Nicola Lawton

Nicola Lawton offers beauty tips and much more. Whether you’re trans or otherwise, embrace the shifts, changes and new journeys that will allow you to become the best version of yourself. Be proud of the process, not just proud of the final outcome.

Total Reach:10,000

Kyler Kimball

TikTok creator with a fast growing following.

Total Reach:57,000

Johnny Gutierrez

Johnny Gutierrez, “jahkneeeeee” is an activist and leading TikTok creator.

Total Reach:64,000

Michael Carroll Quinton

Michael Carroll Quinton is a father of two boys, and foster father of three.


Jake Aguero

Jake is a TikTok sensation.

Total Reach:60,000

Dan Kozieja

Dan can be described as “queer, non-binary, trans masc, and a lawyer.”

Total Reach:16,000

Glen North

Glen North is currently starring on BravoTV’s “Camp Getaway.” He is a personal trainer (“live your best life”), a go-go dancer (“living his best life”), and into glitter (“for your whole life”).

Total Reach:15,000

Jonathan Schwanwede

“THAT Barbie bitch,” Jonathan is popular on TikTok.

Total Reach:258,000

Jennifer Vivian Eller

Jennifer Eller is a fun-loving lesbian from Michigan who lives by the quote: “I won’t sit down, I won’t shut up, but most of all I will not grow up.”

Total Reach:112,000

Christopher Olsen

Christopher Olsen attends Boston Conservatory, focusing on musical theatre.

Total Reach:128,000

Tara Rosa

Tara & Mandi Rosa are raising three beautiful kids with number four on the way. They provide a glimpse into their adventurous journey through life.

Total Reach:190,000

Louie Robles

Louie (homojenner) has been building a large following in TikTok.

Total Reach:59,000

Aurelio Alexandre (Fortunate Dads)

“Fortunate Dads” track their journey as adoptive dads.

Total Reach:15,000