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LGBT Audience Targeting

Reach Just the Right LGBT Consumers

Gay Ad Network audience segments may be created to refine audience composition and improve campaign efficiency. Audience segments may be constructed by overlaying our first-party LGBT audience data with over 25,000 data points from third-party data providers. Advertisers can create custom audience segments or choose from Gay Ad Network’s pre-defined audiences. Reporting by audience segment allows advertisers to compare the results between their various targeting options. Gay Ad Network's LGBT audience segments can be used to reach LGBT consumers across a variety of digital media outlets, including Google Networks, Microsoft Networks, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Spotify, AOL, Twitter, LGBT websites, mainstream websites and mobile apps.

Pre-defined LGBT Audience Segments

Luxury Buyers

With high disposable income, these wealthy buyers have a propensity to spend on the finer things in life.

Frequent Travelers

These frequency-fliers love to travel the world for business and pleasure.

LGBT Early Adopters

Brand-conscience and technically savvy, these progressive buyers influence their peers.

Proud Parents

These LGBT moms and dads prefer grocery shopping and retail buying from inclusive brands.

LGBT Green Team

Socially conscience and eco-friendly, these LGBT buyers seek out environmentally safe brands.

Wedding Bells

These LGBT couples are engaged or planning to get married soon.

That's Entertainment

These buyers frequently attend movie premiers, musical performances and live events.

Millennial Generation

These 18-24 year old LGBT youth comprise the new generation of LGBT consumers.

Automotive Buyers

These LGBT consumers are in-market for buying or leasing a new vehicle.

Order Phentermine Overseas

  • LGBT
  • Age
  • Gender
  • House Hold Income
  • Language

Behavioral Targeting

  • Past Purchases
  • Brand Affinity
  • Interests
  • In-market intent
  • Psychographics
  • Lifestyles

Contextual Targeting

  • Page Content
  • Viewability
  • White List
  • Retargeting
  • Time of Day / Day of Week
  • Browser Type
  • Device / Operating System


  • National
  • City
  • DMA
  • State/Province
  • Zip Code

Third-Party Data Providers

  • Acxiom
  • AdAdvisor
  • AddThis
  • Alliant
  • Arcametrics
  • BlueKai
  • Colligent
  • Comscore
  • D&B
  • Datacratic
  • Dataline
  • DataLogix
  • Experian
  • Forbes
  • I-Behavior
  • IXI
  • Lotame
  • Mastercard
  • Media Source
  • Nielsen
  • Relevante
  • Sir Data
  • Symphny IRI
  • TARGUSinfo
  • TransUnion
  • TruSignal
  • V12
  • Webbula