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Creative Specifications

Our network uses Order Valium Online Nz, so all campaign performance and time reports contain IAB certified impression counts. We support JPG, GIF, HTML5 and a variety of other rich media file formats. JavaScript tags are preferred for third-party serving, but IFRAME tags are accepted. Click-through URLs must open in a new window. Please allow up to 3 business days to review and ensure that rich media ads and ad tags are displayed properly and clicks are counted accurately through our ad server. Please allow 5 business days for custom placements and video overlay interstitials. Submit all creative assets and tags to: Buy Phentermine Online Amazon

Buy Ambien 5Mg

IAB Medium Rectangle Buy Lorazepam Online India Within Content Areas Ad Tag, HTML5, PNG, Animated GIF, JPG - up to 40k in size (under 30 seconds animation and 3 loops max).
IAB Wide Skyscraper Buy Valium Xanax Online Right or Left Nav Bar on Most Sites Ad Tag, HTML5, PNG, Animated GIF, JPG - up to 40k in size (under 30 seconds animation and 3 loops max).
IAB Leaderboard Buy Adipex Diet Pills Top of Most Pages Ad Tag, HTML5, PNG, Animated GIF, JP - up to 40k in size (under 30 seconds animation and 3 loops max).
IAB Large Rectangle 300x600 Within Content Areas Ad Tag, HTML5, PNG, Animated GIF, JPG - up to 40k in size (under 30 seconds animation and 3 loops max).
Outstream In-Content Video 16:9 Aspect Ratio. 1280x720 and 15 (recommended), longer formats are accepted Runs within Content Section of websites VAST and VPAID Ad Tags. Hosted mp4, avi, mov (recommended) file formats. Maximum file size is 10M.
Video Pre-Roll 16:9 Aspect Ratio. 1280x720 (recommended). 15 (recommended) or 30 seconds. Runs prior to Video Play VAST and VPAID Ad Tags. Hosted mp4, avi, mov (recommended) file formats. Maximum file size is 10M.
Mobile App Ad Unit Buy Lorazepam Legally Always visible at the top or bottom of phone screen. Banners can link to Web page URL, phone number, audio, AppleiTunes or Google Play content. Ad Tag, HTML5, PNG, GIF, JPG - up to 40k in size, MUST include advertiser brand Identity
Mobile App Image Interstitial (takeover) Buy Xanax Uk Reddit Takes over the entire phone screen. Interstitial can link to Web page URL, phone number, audio, AppleiTunes or Google Play content. Ad Tag, PNG, GIF, JPG - up to 40k in size (no animated GIFs), MUST include advertiser brand identity
Mobile App Video Interstitial (takeover) 16:9 Aspect Ratio, 1280x720 (recommended). 15 (recommended) or 30 seconds. Runs In Screen as Interstitial VAST ad tags. Hosted mp4, avi, mov file formats. Maximum hosted file size is 10M.
Facebook Newsfeed Ad 1200 x 628 Headline: 25 character Max, Body Copy: 90 Characters Max. Social ads cannot be third party served. 85+% of image must not contain text. Use images without any words. JPG - up to 25k file size.
Buy Carisoprodol Canada
Instagram Ad 1080 x 1080 125 character text Max. Social ads cannot be third party served. JPG - up to 25k file size.
Native In Content Ad 1200 x 1200 Headline 30 characters of less. Caption 300 characters of less. Native ads cannot be third party served. JPG - up to 1M file size.
Custom Placements Variable Varies by Publisher PNG, Animated GIF, HTML, JPG

HTML5 Serving Options

Gay Ad Network does not host HTML5 creative; third-party ad tags must be provided. Our approved third-party ad serving vendors are Sizmek and DoubleClick.
HTML5 Rich Desktop / Tablet Backup Image 40kb JPG, PNG, GIF 100 kb
  Initial Load 100kb HTML5, JPG, PNG, GIF  
  Polite Load / Panel 2.2 MB HTML5, JPG, PNG, GIF  
  User Initiated Load / Expansion 10 MB HTML5, JPG, PNG, GIF  
  Video (optional) 10 MB MP4, OGG, WebM  
HTML5 Rich Mobile Backup Image 40kb JPG, PNG, GIF 100 kb
  Initial Load 80kb HTML5, JPG, PNG, GIF  
  Polite Load / Panel 100kb HTML5, JPG, PNG, GIF  
  User Initiated Load / Expansion 2 MB HTML5, JPG, PNG, GIF  
  Video (optional) 2 MB MP4, OGG, WebM  
HTML5 Standard Banner 80kb HTML5, JPG, PNG, GIF 100 kb

Ad Functionality
- Ad components sizes include all items displayed to the user. i.e. images, sprites, etc. This does not include standard libraries hosted by the third-party ad serving vendors
- Auto initiated expansions must close automatically after 8 seconds
- Auto initiated expansions must be frequency capped at one per user per day
- 20% average CPU usage accepted, sustained spikes over 70% will be rejected

Third-Party Ad Serving
- All assets must be hosted by an approved third-party ad serving vendor
- Approved third-party ad serving vendors are Sizmek and DoubleClick
- Tags must be SSL and SafeFrame compliant
- HTML5 is not supported on Internet Explorer 8 or older versions. In these instances, a fallback image must be displayed to users
- Libraries and assets such as jQuery, Fonts, CSS must be served by the approved third-party ad serving vendor
- If you are using jQuery, the jQuery file needs to be hosted by the third-party ad serving vendor

- To avoid/remove unnecessary jQuery calls; consider using Web API and Vanilla Javascript.
- Instead of providing a massive font file containing hundreds of icons/glyphs that you may or may not use, please consider loading only the characters required
- Minifying files makes a huge difference and can help improve performance. Please consider minifying HTML, CSS and JS using a suitable minifier of your choice
- Avoid animation effects that are CPU intensive
- Avoid or reduce the usage of: loops and timers, setInterval, setTimeout, requestAnimationFrame
- Minimize DOM access
- Avoid eval() to avoid security risks
- Avoid global variables