LGBT Consumers

LGBT Consumer Research and Reports

Buying Power

The LGBT market processes $884 billion in buying power in the US according to Witeck Communications.

Disposable Income

There is 23% higher median income in same-sex households compared to straight households according to Prudential research.

More Shopping

Males same-sex households spend $2,045 more per year on packaged goods than in straight households according to comScore.

Brand Loyal

LGBT consumers are 2.06 times more likely to buy from companies that they trust according to comScore.


Across all music channels, LGBT music fans show higher levels of engagement than their non-LGBT counterparts according to Nielsen.

LGBT Digital Media

74% of LGBT consumers in the US visited LGBT websites in the past week and only 22% read LGBT print media.


Gay consumers are 1.86 times move likely to love buying new gadgets and appliances, according to comScore.


Gay men index at 129 for attending graduate school, significantly than the general population according to Quantcast.