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Leading Brands Choose Gay Ad Network

Gay Ad Network is proud to have earned the trust and respect from these great companies by delivering superior advertising results. Our clients services team ensures on-time delivery and provides ongoing performance optimizations for every campaign.

LEXUS: "Lexus is very pleased with the results from Gay Ad Network's gay audience targeting service," said Aaron Walton, co-founder of Walton Isaacson, the multicultural agency of record for Lexus. "We measured a positive brand attitude lift of 10.6% for the Lexus GS while the gay-targeted web and mobile ad performance on non-gay media properties exceeded our expectations."

AT&T: "AT&T is working with Gay Ad Network to continue our heritage of support and outreach to the LGBT community through a combination of digital advertising and content sponsorships," said Ashley Sheets, Associate Director of Media - National Consumer Media & Entertainment at AT&T. "Gay Ad Network's audience targeting service has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals within the LGBT community."

FISHER PRICE: “We are thrilled to partner with Gay Ad Network and Proud Parenting for its first-ever program to increase the visibility of LBGT families,” said Hailey Sullivan, Director of Marketing, Fisher-Price. “Fisher-Price is proud to help all parents give their children the best possible start in life.”

KEY WEST: "Key West is a popular LGBT tourist destination. Gay Ad Network is creating broad awareness for our new LGBT Key West spot through video advertising,” said Eric Gitlin Vice President, Associate Media Director, Tinsely Advertising.

ORAQUICK: "Online video advertising through Gay Ad Network was an integral part of the OraQuick In-Home HIV Test Kit product launch," said Catherine Hahn, VP Planning and Account Management, Ionic Media. "Combining video advertising with display, mobile and social media is proving to be a very efficient way for us to reach our target market.”