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Audio Advertising

Reaching LGBT Consumers on Spotify

Gay Ad Network can target Spotify's expansive LGBT audience. This new audio advertising service allows advertisers to efficiently connect with gay and lesbian listeners in places where digital advertising is not able to reach them - such as in the car, at the gym and in the workplace.

This is a great new way for advertisers to present their brands to LGBT Millennials.In the U.S. and abroad with 15-second and 30-second audio ad slots.


Spotify delivers music to over 100 million listeners worldwide on phones, computers, tablets, and more.


Millennials are connected to their mobile devices and headphones. Reach them wherever they are.

Message Heard

Audio messages cannot be blocked. Run a 15 second or 30 second spot and have your message heard.

LGBT Targeting

Reach all LGBT consumers or be selective by building a targeted LGBT audience profile.